How does double glazing work?

Double glazing works by trapping air between two panes of glass in an IGU (Insulated Glass Unit). This trapped air creates an insulating barrier which provides three functions: 

  • Heat retention because the barrier insulates the room
  • Perceived noise reduction
  • Helps reduce condensation. A double glazed window acts as an insulating barrier and lowers the transmission of air temperature


ABOVE: Single glazing out and new double glazed unit into the existing aluminium frame.

What is retrofit double glazing?

Retrofitted double glazing simply means that we install double glazing into your existing window joinery. We'll remove and discard of your existing single glazed glass and put in a custom made insulated double glazed unit. We'll replace rubber seals, aluminium clip beads and if necessary window stays and handles.

For aluminium window and door joinery that is too old we can offer full replacement joinery with brand new joinery.

ABOVE: Before with an old timber window and after with an 'Insert Aluminium Window'.

For timber windows we have the option to install 'Dualglaze insert window frames', whereby we remove your existing window sashes or doors and we put in aluminium 'Dualglaze insert frames' that discreetly fit the existing timber frame. This means your internal timber reveals or external decorative facing boards remain in place to maintain the existing character look. 

How long will the installation process take?

From the accepted quotation to installation being completed may take 4 to 6 weeks, however our Dualglaze installers can fully re-glaze an average 3 bedroom house in 1-2 days.

If you opt for 'Dualglaze Insert Windows' or full replacement joinery then the removal of old joinery and install of new joinery can take up to a week. Finishing work such as; putting in new internal wall lining e.g. plasterbaord and painting will be additional to this time.

Does Dualglaze provide a warranty?

Yes, a 5 year comprehensive warranty is provided on all workmanship and materials.

View a copy of our warranty or speak to your local Dualglaze agent for more information.

Can you replace existing windows and doors?

Yes. Dualglaze can supply complete replacement window and door joinery, with double glazing, to update and enhance your home’s appearance.

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