Firstly, we'll assess the current joinery and take accurate measurements to get the perfect fit for your window or door.

If full replacement joinery is required we'll let you know.

We'll provide a quote and upon acceptance we'll start ordering all the materials and components needed for the job.

2. Preparation

Upon returning we'll have all the necessary material to get the job done.

We'll make sure the site is safe for us to get started. We'll also provide a health and safety plan for the job to  anyone who will be on site during the duration of the install.

We'll cut new aluminium glazing beads which hold the glass in place to specification on site to ensure an accurate fit.

3. Removing Single Glazing

We remove the single glazing and clean the opening to make way for the double glazed IGU (insulated glass unit).



We clip in the new aluminium glazing beads and then install the custom made double glazed window or door.

5. Wedge Rubber Cut to size

There are a range of wedge seal products in a variety of thicknesses and we'll make sure the right one is used on your home to ensure a snug weathertight fit.

6. Wedge Rubber installed

The new wedge seal is rolled in behind the new aluminium glazing bead for a clean and secure finish.


Opening sashes will generally have to be replaced so we'll have new sashes made and new stays installed for smooth operation.

We'll also install brand new units for other windows or doors that you have agreed to fully replace.


Your dual GLAZE™ job is now complete. 

We'll make sure the site is left clean and tidy and that you are happy with the outcome.

We'll provide a easy to follow care and maintenance guide so you can make sure your joinery stays looking good.

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