Every window & door solution under one roof 

Although dual GLAZE™ are specialists in retrofit double glazing we can also offer full replacement joinery as each dual GLAZE™ licensee is a bona fide window manufacturer.

So we will be able to assess every job and recommend the right solution for your budget and needs. Whether that be full reftofit double glazing, insert window frames, complete replacement or a combination of these solutions. 

At the end of the day we want happy clients with the most ideal or practical outcome.

ABOVE & BELOW: Before with old timber windows and after with 'insert aluminium windows'.


Sometimes the aluminium joinery you have is just too old to be an ideal candidate for retrofit double glazing or the windows are old timber ones, where taking advantage of durable and low maintenance aluminium joinery may be an ideal solution for easy living and better resale.

The process for insert windows requires less remedial work than full replacement. Insert windows keep your existing exterior facing boards and internal timber reveals. This means you don't need to remedial work on the exterior cladding and in particular not having to re-plaster and paint internal wall linings.

Where full replacement is typically ideal is if an existing door or window is beyond repair or just won't accommodate double glazing. Another situation where full replacement will be required is if it is part of a renovation where perhaps you are removing a window and opening up the wall to put in a door. 

ABOVE: Before with old timber windows and after with full replacement Foldback™ Bifold doors.

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