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Showcase - Glendowie Insert Windows

How to keep a homes character window look with new modern comforts.

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Showcase - Ponsonby Renovation

So what do you do when you have lived in a 100 year old home for close to 15 years and you haven't touched a thing?

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Showcase - Auckland Home Show Stand 2017-2019

Every year we showcase a fantastic array of products that demonstrate what can be achieved whether your budget be modest or grand.

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Showcase - Smartfit on The Block

Altus Window Systems have supported the TV show "The Block" since 2011 to showcase many of its popular or newly released products. Over the years we have shown many innovative solutions from Foldback™ Bifold doors and over the wall stacking doors through to the ultimate in indoor/outdoor flow the LevelStep™ sill options. 

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Showcase - Villa to Glass Box

The suburb of Ponsonby in Auckland is proliferated with Villas and Bungalows all in various states of either disrepair or having been lovingly restored. So when Jon Smith of Matter Architects was asked to breathe life into a dilapidated centenarian heritage Villa, the life he conjured was one of modern day comforts and of open plan living with great indoor-outdoor social spaces. All this whilst paying homage to the homes context at both the front and the back, where at the front you had the strict and regimented villa blueprint of the colonial era, and contrasted at the back by the organic and leafy outlook.

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